what’s on your mind

leave your ego aside

tell me who you are

with nothing to hide

who do you fear

why do you care

i am here to listen

i am here to hear

be fair

come near

i know it’s hard to reveal

but nothing beats being clear

a lot

so many feelings coming along

no idea what’s right and wrong

jumping through thoughts

have been lost all along 

brave i thought I have been

but some moments brake in 

chaos found the way

creeping in my veins

an emotion i cannot shake

things i cannot fake

but what will this make

stop for gods sake


Like every other day of her life.

she wakes up
heavy, but light
full, but empty
all those opposite feelings

squeezed in the middle

everything collides

both rain and drought

ups and downs
happy yet sad

but she gets up
like every other day of her life

because that’s what she knows best
and because what she believes to be right