• hollow
    hollowunable to swallow i wallow every nightin sorrow waiting for the sun to rise i bow to the lightand ask […]
  • not for rent
    but what if this never ends?and we never make amends? i’m not for rentand you were never a friend it […]
  • familiar strangers
    new characterscoming alongwalking through me suddenlythe pages of my bookare filledwith strangers old lessonsdifferent messengers repeated patternsrepeated lessons i’ve seen […]
  • belong
    where are we? are we within? can we live without? without whom you might ask without exactly the one you […]
  • not a poem
    hey you, yes you since you’re here i wanna say a few things it’s okay if you wanna leave but […]
  • fear
    fear she’s simply afraidin dire need of aid heavinessoutweighed thoughts strayedstories replayed ashamedstainedblamed always behaveddemanding praise she was cagedself constrained […]
  • escape
    i wanna go thereelsewhere with lots of air i no longer bearfeeling bare full of scarefull of despair how can […]
  • full moon
    my thoughtson a full moonwhy does it end too soon?all gloomi remind myselfwhat a loonremembereventually we blooma lot happened since […]
  • floating
    away it takes me awaywhat happened since may? i float where is the truth i soughtevery moment i foughtall the […]
  • clear
    what’s on your mind leave your ego aside tell me who you are with nothing to hide who do you […]


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